Win Some, Lose Some


Friday’s Kanji Kentei level 8 test was no problem. The first section of the test is 30 points of 150 total for the test. It is the second largest section. All 30 were words that I know well, so I whizzed through it and my confidence was boosted. The last section is 40 points and has given me a bit of trouble, but Friday it went smoothly. I left the room 5 minutes before time was up with a bounce in my step.

Friday night and Saturday I made many choices that cut heavily into my cramming time for the level 7 test on Sunday. Late last night I totalled up my probable score: something between 136 and 156. Only 140 of 200 points are needed to pass, but I think my score will be 136 or 138. If only I’d studied another hour…

At the end of November I hope to take the computer-based version (CBT), but I probably won’t have my results back by then. Whether I passed or not, I need to spend a lot more time studying the 4th grade characters before I can really claim to know them. I expect to take the level 6 test in January and the level 5 test in February or March. Then I would know enough to graduate from elementary school.

In the testing room, four tests were administered: levels 1, 3, 5, and 7. Level one can only be passed by a small fraction of the population. Technically, all high school graduates should be able to pass level three. Two Japanese adults were taking level seven. Two foreign adults were also seated: me and a Brazilian friend of mine from Yokkaichi. The other 15 or so people were elementary school age – a little humbling.


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  1. Happy News « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] Tuesday night I received a notice from the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Examination Society (日本漢字能力協会) informing me of my failure to pass the level 7 test. My prediction was right on target: 136 of 200; just 4 points shy of passing. […]

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