How Charming


Unfathomable! I searched back entries and found this post had never been made. This discovery only reinforces my opinion that the untold stories are many.

Posts have been entered about my fear of the Washlets: toilet seats with various cleansing features built in. People teaching me about proper usage have pointed to some features, indicating, “These are for women.”; leaving me with a concern over what they actually do. One of the women’s features is labelled, innocently enough, ‘bidet’; clearly this is another example of English (or French) words taking on a slightly different meaning in Japan. However, the best (or should that be worst?) is the toilet seat at my shuji class.

‘Charm’ is written out phonetically in katakana. Rest asured, that is one button I will never be pushing. Morbid fascination is piquing my curiosity; however, my inherent rejection of people’s attempts to label me as A-R prevent me from seeking any charming experience connected with waste processing.


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