Mirror Not Needed


Something light after yesterday’s post. Many Japanese school girls carry folding mirrors for checking their appearance. I was going to say small mirrors, but one common variety is about the same size as A5 paper. These are typically rectangular and have a cute (of course) plastic cover that folds over the mirror.

It is not uncommon to see girls on the train, fussing with individual strands of hair, or checking each pore for make-up coverage. A number of times I have seen girls heat eyelash curlers with lighters and crimp away. Local trains jostle the passengers a bit and I always cringe a bit when I see this.

Mirrors also commonly appear in the classroom. Today, one girl was peering away in her mirror as the rest of her group was constructing an explanation on how to use a Japanese bath. Doing a little geometry in my head, I approached her from an angle such that she would see my face in the reflection. Needless to say she was embarrassed and put the mirror away amidst giggles. Even though I assured her that she was very beautiful and didn’t need the mirror, she still seemed embarrassed…


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