Health Concerns


My contract with the Board of Education requires one month notice before termination. My previous contract with a private firm required six months. When I signed the contract it seemed nice to have a much less restrictive term; however, six months before the end of this contract I was handed a form, to be returned October 16th, with only two choices on it: I will (or will not) continue my contract next year. So, in the end, it looks like they really do require six months notice.

I thought about checking yes, and then updating that at the beginning of March if I have other work lined up; however, since I am hoping to find other work, I figured it would be more appropriate to check the “will not continue” box. They have trouble getting enough qualified teachers, so I bet they would let me change my mind in February and continue.

After finishing today’s classes and lunch, I headed to the Board of Ed. office to deliver the letter. Upon arriving, the administrator who sits next to me indicated there was something personal in my desk drawer. I opened the drawer to find a document with several drawings that looked like breast exam directions. Hopeful that this wasn’t some commentary on my weight gain, I opened the envelope to find the results of my mandatory physical.

As I reported before, my left ear has trouble with sounds about 4000 Hz. My BMI earned me a low ranking. No surprise there; dropping ten to twenty kilograms would not hurt me at all. Unfortunately I got dinged for having lower than healthy HDL and higher than healthy T cholesterols. I guess I need to eat even more salmon! My blood sugar is a little below healthy range as well.

Liver function, blood pressure, hemoglobin, and triglycerides all landed in the 90-100 percent range. Since nothing was very far from the normal range I probably won’t give it much thought, other than the fact that I was already thinking about shedding a few kilos. Along that line, coincidentally, I asked the Kendo Club instructor today if I could join them for morning exercises. I will give that a try, although 7:30 is a little early for me to be at school.


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