A Great View


Sunday was exhausting. After having a late dinner at  a friend’s house Saturday, I awoke early on Sunday morning to engage in the day’s activities. First I needed to retrieve my bike from near the train station, so I put on my pack and ran to the station. Next I took a 30 minute ride north to a parking lot in the western parts of Tsu. I met up with a group of friends there to prepare for a hike. All six people went to junior high school together a few years back (they were born in 1945.) We rode by car to Kyou ga Mine (経ヶ峰) and parked near a shrine.

On the hike they would tell people we were all the same age. We picked my age as the official age to tell any other travellers.

The hike was a fairly steep ascent to 819.7m. One of the members was having a little difficulty with the course and I carried her pack strapped to mine most of the way. My knees and ankles were still a little tender from kneeling seiza style at shuji class for four hours on Saturday. On the descent I got a twinge in my knee and was a little worried. I adjust my stride a bit and it was OK. Also, we rested at a coffee shop afterward and I was treated to dessert which helped tremendously.

The peak is a real peak. By this I mean you can stand at a place and look down in all directions. We had beautiful sunshine, but tremendous winds. Standing at the top for a photo was a little frightening as we were getting buffeted about. I hope the pictures aren’t all blurry from the cameraman shaking.

After coffee I rode my bike into Tsu to catch a bit of the annual festival. Many dance groups come for a competition. They are very noisy and fun. A lot of the movements they make stirred feelings about shuji in my heart: smoothly accelerating; suddenly stopping; shifting directions; adding a bit of the body’s strength to a hand movement; …

I found Yony and his girlfriend there, chatted with them, at some crab and crab head meat cooking, bought a wooden necklace from a cute, girl’s dance team from Hokkaido, and headed out. On the way home I stopped to visit a friend in the hospital. She gets to spend two months healing from multiple fractures in her lower leg. Now she has a cast to her hip, so she can’t even walk. I put a nice signature in Japanese with a get well wish; so far everyone who has seen it thought it was from a Japanese person. (It is hard to sign on modern casts: plaster is so much smoother.)

Also, I stopped off for some tasty stuff at Sakamoto’s and rode home exhausted. It’s Tuesday and my body still hurts in various places. I’m glad the three day weekend is over so I can rest.


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