Long Awaited Arrival


Last year I got excited when I saw a magazine ad announcing the release dates for the entire Bikkuri Man collection on DVD. I bought the first set in the Spring, but haven’t yet picked up the second set that was released in the Fall. My hope was that they would finally release Shin Bikkuri Man on DVD if sales were good. Much to my pleasant surprise someone in America let me know they were released. Very amusing that I had seen no ads here and had to get my report from America where the collection has not been released.

Bikkuri Man was a TV series that ran about 18 years ago. Shin Bikkuri Man was a follow-up series about 15 years ago. They are both animated features with a fairly young target audience, but when I was travelling in Japan between 1989 and 1992, I would watch the shows.

I liked them because it wasn’t the typical good vs. evil story, and had a whole host of characters. My memory is that there were three worlds of heroes or gods: one good, one bad, and one kind of neutral. The bad group was trying to collect all of some kind of jewels that would give them ultimate power. Characters had internal struggles; one was torn between which side to help. The neutral-like group could be swayed to one side or the other. I found this realistic: I have never met a person who was always doing evil, nor have I met someone who was always doing good.

I thanked my friend for telling me about these, but it is a mixed blessing because the discs are quite pricy. I won’t have to sell plasma or anything like that, but it will ding my accounts a bit.


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