Trying Every Possibility


Discovering a third way to take the Kanken, I resolved to try it as well. The official test day is Sunday, October 29, but at the junior high school we can take the test on Friday, October 27th. This may prove to be the easiest option. Walking down the hall is an easy trip.

After signing up for the Level 8 test at the school, the eighth grade Japanese teacher (who is responsible for the test) went to the book store and purchased a study guide for me. This is one of the great kindnesses about Japanese people. While some people describe Japanese people as having an air of superiority, there is definitely an underlying feeling of inferiority. Commonly this comes up with regard to the size of the country, but also they are genuinely surprised when someone wants to learn about their language, history, or culture. Serious interest in Japan is usually met with great efforts to aid the learner. In contrast, I think the American feeling is to expect people to learn our ways.

This evening I signed up for the Level 7 test at the general public testing facility. After I take these two tests I can sign up for Level 7 or Level 6 (6, if I pass; 7 again, if I fail) at the nearest computer based testing facility. The CBT is offered every 4th Wednesday, and I expect it will prove the most useful option: frequency and efficiency being on its balance sheet.

Also, my Japanese teacher has returned, so I restarted my classes. Her father-in-law passed away rather suddenly, precipitating her absence. Heavy burdens are laden upon survivors in this society. While I have touched briefly on them in the past, I may address some of them more deeply in the near future.


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