The title should not be mistaken for “Can’t”: a word I like to think I seldom use. Events of this weekend and today have pushed my leaning further in the direction of starting my own conversation school. My contract is through the end of March (i.e., the end of the school year), so I am doing research now regarding laws and locations.

Sunday, at an international exchange BBQ, about eight people insisted that I must teach them English. My contract requests that I not employ myself in other work, so I politely declined; however, I did mention that my situation may change in April. This precipitated the passing of business cards and hope for the Spring. One request was made, by a teacher, not to start anything near them. She was very excited that her extremely shy three-year-old was chatting away with me even when her mother wasn’t nearby.

Such a school owner might be convinced to take lessons from me to brush up. Also, her students are all small children; she might refer her ‘graduates’ to me if they want to continue.

At the function other foreigners were also inviting me to more exchanges with other groups of which they are members. I think I am just odd enough that everybody finds me a little entertaining.

Just brushing on today’s events: one bad apple spoils the bunch. 38 eigth graders in one room is quite challenging. When just one kid gets way out of hand, he generally draws a few others in. Sort of like the start of a meltdown in a nuclear reactor. When I had to extinguish oil fires in high winds (for safety training in the arctic), I found that less stressful. My current job is loaded with perks, but has a few tough downsides.


One Response to “Cant”

  1. びっくり Says:

    Funny that I thought I didn’t use the word “can’t” very often. A quick search of the blog showed that I normally don’t, but in the last two months it has come up two or three times a week.

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