Glimpse of the Future


Various promises have been made regarding photos on my blog. Here is my first serious attempt along these lines. You can thank the school for canceling my fourth period class today.

Kawakita HandeishiHere is a picture of Kawakita Handeishi (川喜田半泥子). He started a secret pottery school in the hills outside of Tsu (津). He passed away in 1963 and his school has become less secret; however, there is still a certain level of mystery surrounding it. My father’s friend’s son, who lived in Japan many years ago, told me about this place. I did a little research about the location and once I get my motorcycle license I hope to nose around some more.

Now that I’ve figured out a way to get text to wrap around the image with a slight margin I’m off to the races. As they say in China: a picture is worth 10,000 words. From now on you can expect pictures to accompany many of the posts. More than enough spider pictures for everyone soon.


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