Why I Want a Motorcycle


Our local teacher’s union gave presents to all the teachers this summer. This is kind of like the Japanese tradition of Ochuugen which is actually a Taoist practice. (Perhaps I will post on that another time.) Being only an Assistant Language Teacher, I was surprised that they gave me a present: I think they like me. I passed on the net fishing and pear hunting activities in favor of watching Ged Senki, the new Studio Ghibli release.

Travel to the movie theater requires two trains and a bus and takes close to an hour. My favorite ramen restaurant has a special visitor from America and I want to stop off for dinner and to see her. Although the restaurant is on the way home from the movie, stopping off would take a bit of time, add cost, and leave me almost no time before the last train home. Therefore, I must go by bicycle.

Riding at a moderate pace I can get to the theater in about 45 minutes. Yes, faster than taking the trains and bus, because I can go on the shortest path and don’t have to lose transfer time. This provides the flexibility to stop at the ramen shop on my way home; however, there is the downside of arriving sweaty. My experience has been that this is not the best way to impress a young lady.

A motorcycle would have the less-sweaty-more-comfortable benefit of the train, in addition to the no-additional-cost-for-stopping, quick-arrival-time, and no-rush-for-the-last-train benefits of the bike.

Buying a 250cc bike avoids a lot of tax and fees, but can leave one wanting for horsepower. I have discovered two bikes that turn out about 40 horses but stay under the 250cc limit. I may have discovered a way to satisfy my miserly side and still get a little oomph. The Honda Hornet and Kawasaki Balius are my leading choices right now.


2 Responses to “Why I Want a Motorcycle”

  1. Keven Says:

    Does that mean you don’t want a motorcycle?

  2. びっくり Says:

    Ack! I went to a lot of trouble to type that all in. Looks like another flaw in the UI. I think this happened after I changed categories and hit publish. Well, I don’t have much time today, but I will try to retype it.

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