Shopping for Rocks


Sunday morning I got up early and headed to a stationery shop in Tsu. My purpose was to buy stones. Yes, a stationery store in Japan is a bit different from one in America. The stones I hoped to buy are supplies for making stone seals for signing pieces of calligraphy.

Unfortunately the shop in Tsu had a limited selection and their prices were high, so I hopped a train for Nagoya. Near the Sakae subway station in Nagoya there is a nice shop called Kyouwa which is tucked into the second floor of an old office building. They have a wide selection of tools, supplies, and reference materials at reasonable prices.

I doubted the economic wisdom of my choice as I was riding the train an hour north from Tsu. Round trip to Tsu on the train costs me 680 yen; while the trip to Sakae and back is 2740 yen. The stone seals are not terribly pricy so I would have to buy several to break even financially. When I arrived at the store all my doubts were dispelled.

The shapes and sizes available were worth the trip. I picked up several and probably paid for the train trip in savings. They also had some tempting fans. They are designed to have calligraphy painted on them. Ultimately, I decided that I have too many open projects and with the hot weather not in full swing yet, I expect they will still be selling them on my next trip.

After a brief encounter with a psychic energy cult while relaxing in a park. I hopped the trains back to Ichishi for a wonderful party at the Good Doctor’s guest house. They were celebrating the 24th anniversary of the hospital. The usual cast of dignitaries were there and they had a harpist and an ocarinist (???) providing entertainment. It was an excellent opportunity to wear my new kimono (which I just realized I never mentioned).

A special guest was supposed to arrive late from Tokyo so a small number of us waited up for him. A couple musicians kept us entertained with conversation about guitars and such. The guest ultimately couldn’t get free from Tokyo, but we had a very relaxing time waiting. I slept very well and didn’t feel like getting up for work in the morning.


2 Responses to “Shopping for Rocks”

  1. Fiscal Error « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] One errand centered on my last experience at Kyo-wa. On June 4th I bought a long list of things; I think the receipt was extensive enough to use as an obi. Two people were ‘helping’ me check out. Really, this means one was trying to check me out and the helper kept arranging and rearranging things on the counter. The next evening I decided to check everything on the receipt and found that three, velvet-lined cases were rung up twice. The error was 960 yen. I was frustrated because the cost in time and money to go get my refund would be too high. Imagine taking the train to Vancouver, doing a little shopping, and finding a $9 mistake upon returning home. […]

  2. Ms. Direction « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] all three, gives me reason to stop there. Also, my favorite Japanese cultural arts supply store, Kyouwa (キョウ和), is there along with a couple museums. As I mentioned yesterday, I was visiting one […]

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