Games Cancelled


Got up early to watch soccer at the junior high school. Four schools were supposed to have a little tournament. Japanese schools and parks usually don’t have any grass; dirt/sand fields are still the rule. Not that much rain fell last night, but the tournament was cancelled because of the mud. I did have a chance to chat with the temporary Track and Field coach, a 22 year old man who can run a 10 second 100 meter dash, and also get the team practicing their English a little.

Late in the morning I went with a few 60 year old ladies, who I met at the hanami party last Saturday, to see a calligraphy exhibit at the culture center. They are very polite and knowledgable and the artwork was amazing. Also, they are good friends with the sensei of that school. As a result the sensei’s daughter gave me a personal tour. She explained many details of the tools and the history of writing styles to me. She wrote an amazing work in Rinshotai (臨書体), an older Chinese script which I had never heard of before. This style was very beautiful and the work took her about 10 hours to write; although the mental preparation time, while making the ink, took an additional 5 hours. Her longest work was about a 24 hour affair including prep. She said she usually starts writing in the evenings and doesn’t sleep!

By chance we met the Good Doctor there with his wife and mother-in-law. This was a pleasant surprise; except they pulled up chairs to watch me put my address and name in the guest book. I got tense and didn’t do so well. I need to develop more confidence in general and it definitely showed at that moment. Using someone else’s brush was also a little strange. I was surprised at how much difference that made.

Time to dive into a homemade dinner. More later.


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