Irony 2


Ironic that today was White Day: we had quite the snow flurries. (Well, I guess that’s just ‘coincidence’ not ‘irony’.) Being a harbor town on an enormous bay means snow is a rarity, but frequently this winter we have had snowfall. Most of these snow days were hard to tell apart from someone next to you shaking off their dandruff.

Today it looked to be another day like that, but during our afternoon class huge flakes started floating down at a rate that obscured my view across the parking lot. (Not that I normally spend class time just staring across the lot.) After class there was no accumulation and the sun came out to chase away any remaining crystals.

We mentioned irony in class again. A student saved a polyethylene bag from a store where she purchased a small stuffed animal. The bag had flowing verse about needing to understand that Earth is the essence of nature and we depend on protecting the Earth in order to survive. Everyone completely failed to understand why we would have issue with this completely unnecessary bag containing a message about conservation. They seemed more shocked that we weren’t consumed by the positive sentiment.

I have failed to teach irony many, many times. One acquaintance suggested that in this culture one can’t understand irony because we live constantly immersed in it. For the geeks out there it is something about signal versus noise.


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