Stormy Arrival


Landed in Japan (日本), at the Nagoya airport (名古屋空港), amidst horrendous quantities of rainfall. Matsuda-san (松田さん), a member of an international exchange group in Inazawa city (稲沢市), came out with Nagai Maika (永井真衣香) and Mrs. Mori (森さん) to pick me up. I carried on two bags and checked two medium moving boxes, so I was grateful for the ride.

Late in the evening I discovered the downpour was a result of the typhoon (台風) that was passing through. Mid-May is a little before the normal season for typhoons; I guess it was just rushing to meet me. I hope it isn’t a sign of how things will go in Japan.


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    […] Year Itch By びっくり May 20, 2004 amidst a raging, early season typhoon, I landed at the former Nagoya airport to begin my adventures here. My employer offered one year contracts and required 6 months notice if […]

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